First Novel Published 24th March 2020

April 6, 2020
My first Novel, "finding Love in 2045" was published on 24th March 2020.

The product of four years of toil finally made it to market and with a spattering of orders, I completed one of my bucket list challenges.

Book two is already well on the way and in the editing process. The first two chapters are currently with the "Shark Tank", the newly formed writing group, where we share ideas and reviews of each others work.  

I have an up and coming interview to promote my book with the online radio show, "Chat & Spin," which should be fun. 

Whilst in lockdown, I have been helping with home-schooling, writing and have even made a start on some DIY.

Writing-wise book 2, which is currently called "Femalatism" will be released in December 2020.  Having a target to complete work always helps. If I am ahead of schedule I will progress my non-fiction project, "Why you should teach your kids to Gamble (or rather teach your kids about Gambling)."


Break from Work

January 20, 2020
My last contract finished just before Christmas and it gave me time to relax and enjoy the festive season.
Now 2020 is up and running I have been working on the editing of my book. I now have a critique partner, Jason Pinaster, who has published over 100 e-books, he has certainly delved into my work and pointed out numerous issues.

Most people don't like to be criticised but as a writer and a new writer at that, it is essential to get feedback from people who dont really know you. People such a...
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chapter 16

February 14, 2019

Quick background, Mia had gone to London with a guy who frequented her café, he asked her to join him after splitting with his ex and didn’t want to go to the theatre alone, she agreed based on a no touching rule.  She had very little experience which had always ended in disappointment, but was starting again to look for love.  

Chapter 16 Back at the Plaza

Mia took a lounge seat, whilst Andy went into the bar.  Mia was intrigued by Andy and was falling for him, he was not pushy, he r...

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Welcome to Simon Shares

December 22, 2018
First of all, Congratulations and thankyou for visiting.

My passions cover several things like saving money and making money.

However, my heart is really about comedy, personal development and writing.

Comedy comes into my head, every day, I am looking for the outlet to get it out there, to essentially see if people find the same things funny.

I am always learning and trying to improve myself and recently completed the Prince2 Project Management foundation course with a Distinction in the course ...
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