My last contract finished just before Christmas and it gave me time to relax and enjoy the festive season.
Now 2020 is up and running I have been working on the editing of my book. I now have a critique partner, Jason Pinaster, who has published over 100 e-books, he has certainly delved into my work and pointed out numerous issues.

Most people don't like to be criticised but as a writer and a new writer at that, it is essential to get feedback from people who dont really know you. People such as Jason, who is from Canada, is unlikely to physically meet me and can be more honest because he wouldn't be worried about hurting my feelings. His advice and comments have certainly pushed me on to improve.

On Jason's advice, I also purchased the editing software support from Pro Writing Aid (PWA), which is awesome. I had been using the free version from Grammarly. I am drawn to getting things for free but having taken the leap and bought a life time subscription to PWA, I fee l I am improving greatly.

To get the value for money I always crave, I have introduced my boys to it for checking their homework.

OK, back to editing.