Quick background, Mia had gone to London with a guy who frequented her café, he asked her to join him after splitting with his ex and didn’t want to go to the theatre alone, she agreed based on a no touching rule.  She had very little experience which had always ended in disappointment, but was starting again to look for love.  

Chapter 16 Back at the Plaza

Mia took a lounge seat, whilst Andy went into the bar.  Mia was intrigued by Andy and was falling for him, he was not pushy, he respected her limits, he said he would wait for her to be ready.  In addition, he was smart, good looking, charming and had a well-paid job, well she figured he must have, unless he was spending all his months credits on one night.

When Andy reappeared from the bar, he announced with a “Da! Daa!” With his arms held out wide, his face held a beaming smile as if, they were meeting again after a few weeks, rather than a couple of minutes, he was holding a couple of glasses and a freshly corked bottle of prosecco.  He took an adjacent seat and set out pouring the wine.  Mia asked to only have half a glass as she didn’t want to embarrass herself by stumbling again.

“No Problem, we can take up what we don’t finish”, he reached into his pocket and produced the cork and placed it on the coffee table between them, “maybe finish it in the morning.”

Andy filled his glass and took a gulp, then a second, then a third to finish it, whilst Mia took a couple of delicate sips, looking with surprise at the speed he was dispatching such fine wine. Andy re-filled his glass and topped up Mia’s glass before settling into his seat. Mia didn’t object to the extra wine, it was very nice after all.

Andy talked freely about his feelings, he said that since meeting Mia in the café, he had forgotten about his ex-girlfriend, Mia was so bright and fresh, so easy to chat to, no false pretences, just a nice honest girl.  He continued that girls, like Mia, were hard to find and he was lucky to have met her.  Mia felt a little embarrassed at such an outpouring of compliments (particularly as she was also planning to go the Garden Land with Dean in a couple of days), she sipped away as the compliments rolled in, Andy taking much larger gulps of his wine, adding a little top up for Mia each time he filled his own.

As the wine took effect, his actions became more animated, with Mia happy to sit back and listen to his passion; for everything from Her, his Mom and the business of Air Conditioning.  He started to bore her a little, or was she tired, he started talking about the business concerns with the oxygen levels outside starting to improve, he added “It’s great for the environment but not so much for business”.

Mia replied, “My customers like the fresh air, when they come to the café”, immediately after saying it, she covered her face as a yawn escaped, thinking that she had now started to bore herself.

Andy Suggested that it was time to put the cork back in, Mia looked puzzled at him, not having a clue what he was on about. Only to feel a little dumb, as he picked it up from the table and placed it on top of the nearly empty bottle.

Andy paused “Hardly worth it for the last couple of inches, should we finish it off”, Mia nodded and Andy re-filled her glass, then pouring too quickly, spilt his own, the wine running down one side and up and over the other side.

“Never mind, I think you’ve had enough” Mia giving him her motherly tone.  She figured it was best to get him to the lift, she downed her wine in one, to which he spontaneously applauded.  Mia ushered him quickly to the lift, with frowning eyes from the Maitre D, they held each other up until it arrived.

Andy was the steadier as they entered the lift, the wine had also got to Mia and she was a little wobbly, the lift appeared to move much quicker, it was a relief when it pinged its arrival. As they stepped out, Andy put out his elbow for Mia to hold, she pushed her hand all the way through and nearly pulled him over, fortunately the walk to the room was short, with Mia being a little unsteady.

As they entered the room, Andy gestured towards the bed “Think we better get you to bed”

“Do you need some help to get out of your dress” Andy offered.

 “No Touching!” Mia wagged her finger at Andy, as she removed her shoes.

“No problem” he replied as he sat on the bed to remove his shoes.

“I’m OK, watch this” Mia reached down to her hem and with both hands pulled up her dress to her waist, revealing her black lacy thong. Andy spots them and thinks bingo, a nice lacy brief is usually for the sexually active, or of course the soon to be sexually active.

Mia pulled at the top of her dress and pulled it over her head, she got stuck for a moment and Andy started to get up to assist, but she pulled it clear, to briefly reveal her matching black lacy bra, before slipping into the bed and pulling the sheets up to her neck.

“Impressive” Andy smiles at her slick move.

“Your Turn” Mia asks excitedly from beneath the covers.

Andy walks around the bed to Mia’s side and back around to his side before slowly slipping off his jacket.  Mia hums out the stripper theme and Andy plays up to it, slowly undoing his tie, he then slowly unbuttons his shirt from top to bottom revealing his shaven chest, he is not super chiselled but he has a trim waist, Mia is still beneath the covers, with only a little of her shoulders showing, Andy was determined to provide the maximum tease to his vulnerable prey, knowing she was probably eager to touch him, even though she had said differently.  He paraded around the bed some more, as he unbuttoned his trousers, they slipped a little to reveal his skin tight white trunks. As he returned to his side of the bed, with the slightest touch his trousers dropped to the floor, revealing the silhouette of his whole frame, he then turned away to show his peachy bum as he pulled his trunks down and dived under the covers, mirroring Mia’s quick entry.

Mia was a little surprised “Why have you taken your pants off?”

“More comfortable that way, he needs to breathe at night, he has been cooped up all day” he says with a cheeky grin. Mia guesses his next line would be that he has come out to play, she gets in first and turns away with a “goodnight then”.

Andy laughs to himself and replies with a softly spoken “Goodnight”.

They lie back to back, Mia positioning herself near the edge of the bed to avoid touching him, he wriggles a little before settling, half way between on his back and on his front.  He soon is grunting a little as he nods off to sleep, Mia meanwhile is still wide awake, her bra is uncomfortable, so she slips it off and lies motionless hoping that she will not be grabbed when she nods off.  Her mind starts wandering and thinking that Andy was such a gent, would him grabbing her be such a bad thing, just because she had a bad experience before, as Kate constantly reminded her, that one event should not define her whole sexual experience, maybe Andy could be the one to bring some more pleasurable experiences.  As she relaxed more in the warmth of the bed, her arms that had been clenching across her chest rested by her side as she tuned onto her back, with Andy’s breathing steadied, she felt comfortable enough to go to sleep, but she was a little intrigued, she was sharing a bed with a man, he was asleep, surely there was no harm in investigating a little, Mia tested the water a little, she crept her hand slowly across until she felt his skin, gladly he did not flinch, she slowly traced a finger over his glutes, which made him wriggle a little, she waited a few moments to continue and he wriggled again, this time rolling onto his back, his elbow resting next to Mia.  Mia looked over to check he was still sleeping, maybe she could investigate a bit more, she began again to creep her fingers up the side of his waist onto his stomach.  Andy was still awake and doing a pretty god job of pretending to be asleep, as she moved her delicate hands over his navel, he let out a few more grunts and muttered her name in his supposed sleep, as she neared his groin, he was starting to get aroused and when she brushed past the tip, he breathed in sharply and his hands stretched out touching Mia on the outside of her thigh, Mia having not intentionally caught the tip of his penis, now intentionally brushed past it again, Andy had responded and was gently stroking up her thigh to the top band of her pants, his finger glided over it a couple of times before resting under it, he then proceeded to stroke underneath the strap, Mia arched her back a little to the delicate tickle, before returning her attention to stroke with the tip of her index finger, down the length of his shaft, as she returned back over the tip, it lifted for her to slide her thumb underneath, her hand gently closing around it to feel the full girth, this time as she slowly slide her hand down, she felt the skin moving under her hand, it was a strange but nice feeling, as was feeling his hand slide along her strap and onto her most sensitive bits.  She had touched herself many times before but to have another hand, a man’s hand, was a new more exciting experience.  She had specified “No Touching” but her racing pulse was telling her body what she really wanted, her back arched again, as he started to caress her delicate flower with his skilful hands, her grasp on his penis tightened as her arousal grew.  Andy was trying to pretend he was still asleep but her grip on his manhood needed attention, he put his hand over hers and encouraged her to loosen as little, Mia moved her hand away and Andy rolled over towards Mia, his leg crossing over hers as he changed hand to keep attention on her arousal. Mia’s hand reached around his back and gripped his flesh, her nails scratching but not enough for Andy to stop, she could feel his dick against the side of her thigh but was lost in the moment and she felt the tension build inside her. He delivered a nibble to her shoulder as she started stretching her legs out and writhing to his artful touch,  Mia was longing to be kissed and as her orgasm took hold, she could hold back no longer, grabbing the back of his head and pulling it forcefully to her engorged lips, as their lips met their energy surged, his hand moving to grab her petite breasts, his hand squeezing a new sensation into her bodies tingling song, as he moved his mouth over her swollen nipple she felt his hard dick resting on her sodden lace, she was happy for it to stay there as nothing could be better than what she was already feeling yet deep inside she was calling for more, his penis was probing as they both writhed together, held back only by the small lace panties, as they continued their passionate kissing, his penis found a way past and slide inside her eagerly awaiting core, it felt so natural and was a snug fit, her body was more than ready for it and he knew it, they calmed a little as the realisation dawned on Mia, she was calm enjoying the sensation as his cock slid slowly inside her before retreating and filling her again, it felt oh so right and she loved him so dearly, it could not have been better.

Andy’s patience had paid off and to have her beneath him fulfilled his longing, she felt so good and as he returned his kiss to her beautiful little breasts, perfection was in his mind as he continued to move slowly inside her. 

Mia felt the intensity building again within her core, her breathing started to quicken as the intensity grew, responding to her, Andy gradually increased the speed of his stroke, pausing on each full penetration enjoying the feeling of being deep inside her. As Mia’s breathing quickened more, Andy was also feeling he was ready to burst, as he quickened his pace, thrusting quicker and quicker, Mia overflowed, another orgasm soaking her core, his thrusting gathered more pace until he held himself deep inside her and pulsed into his exhausted and truly spent prey.

They lay together with his head on her shoulder, delivering gentle kisses to the side of her head, the moment was complete, she finally knew what Kate had been telling her about.  Perhaps telling her bestie, shouldn’t be the first thought on her mind she thought, but it was on her mind, the painful experience of before was surely buried forever.

As their bodies both calmed his manhood slipped out, Mia had the urge to pee, she broke the peace and headed off to the bathroom, whilst she sat on the toilet relieving herself, Andy joined her in the bathroom, Mia instinctively covered herself with her arms, covering her exposed body.

“Just after some tissue to clean up” was his apologetic reply, feeling like he had impolitely intruded.

She looked at him as if to say, just because they’ve had sex, didn’t mean he could look at her while she was on the loo. He tore a few sheets and returned to the bedroom.  Mia also cleaned herself up, checking in the mirror, just to see if she looked any different, she smiled to herself, she had found a lovely guy, who had treated her well.  She paused before leaving the bathroom, hoping he was asleep as not to let him see her naked.  It was as if the sex was something somehow separate, she needed not worry as Andy was already asleep.  She slipped in to bed this time, matching her lovers’ attire.  She soon drifted off to sleep, happily dreaming of finally having herself a man, who had fulfilled the image in her books, a true gentleman and considerate lover, maybe even someone to start a family with.